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Available Scholarships at California Institute of Technology

This article is posted under financial aid
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The California Institute of Technology is a reputable academic institution. Admission is open to students who have graduated near the top of their respective high schools. Even if this is the case, not all CalTech students will qualify for an academic scholarship, for practical and obvious reasons. Some students must pay to maintain the school and only the cream of the crop of CalTech will get offered those much dreamed about scholarships. With school expenses going over $48,000 a year it is no wonder students are dreaming of and finding ways of funding their education. Even CalTech has formulated a way to support its students financially. The CalTech Student Financial Aid Package consists of grants, scholarships, loans and jobs that students may apply for to fund their education.

Examples of scholarships

When people think of scholarships, they usually think of star athletes and gifted students with flawless grades. CalTech itself offers such merit-based scholarships. Merit-based scholarships, which are non-need based, are just of one type of scholarship, however. Fortunately, there are need-based scholarships offered to students who cannot afford the tuition and may not have stellar grades or the best moves. You can look for these institutional scholarships, state-offered scholarships and private scholarships. CalTech also offers grants and scholarships, which are given by donors and alumni. Usually, these scholarships are named after the people who have granted them to CalTech.

An examples of a need-based scholarship is the Cal Grant. This grant is funded by the state of California and requires applicants to fill up the FAFSA form.

Some of the scholarships being given through the university are given by private institutions. If scholarships and grants are combined, these institution-offered financial aid make up 60% of all given through CalTech. 20% are offered by the state or by the local government while 12% are awarded by the federal government.

Being a scholar, merit-based or not, is both a challenge and an opportunity. While you should be thankful about your scholarship, you should realize that you have to prove more to yourself and to people who care about you that you are worthy of being chosen for that scholarship. Many people have been vying for it. So, if given one, you should make the most of a scholarship.

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