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Get a Good Work Study Program in College

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A great way to help you deal with all of the expenses of college is to get a work study program. While some are worried that working while in college can impair one’s effectiveness in their studies, the Federal Work Study program offers some great benefits to help you get through college while working. Here’s what College-Connecting has to say about it:

The Federal Work Study (FWS) program is available to students attending more than 3,000 different colleges and universities in the United States. Through the program, students can get part-time jobs through their school with their earnings being subsidized by funding from the Federal government.

Some of the benefits of the Federal Work Study program

College-Connecting goes on to discuss some of the benefits of the program:

Advantage #1: Flexible Hours – Part of the FWS requirements is that the college does just that. As part of the program, your employer will arrange a schedule that fits your work availability.
Advantage #3: Convenience – Most of the FWS jobs are going to be on campus. If you live on campus, this is going to make getting to your job extremely convenient. Even if you commute, you can arrange your hours so you don’t have to leave campus and come back for work.
Advantage #4: Salary – Unlike some of the jobs you may be able to get on your own, such as a server in a restaurant, you are guaranteed to earn at least minimum wage for the job you are doing through the program. In some cases, you may even earn more.

A good program allows you some flexibility. The demands should be reasonable enough so that you can still have enough time to focus on your studies and have a work-life balance.

Finding other jobs

Aside from the jobs offered in the Federal Work Study program, you may also want to consider some of these good employment choices suggested by Hub Pages:

- Work as an Intern – If you really want to have a first hand experience on your chosen field, applying as an intern is a great way to start.
- Work in Retail Stores – This is good for college students who like dealing with people and satisfying a customer’s needs.
- Cafes and Restaurants – This is the most common are where students, college and high school alike, work.
- On the Campus – This can be one of the best places to work when you’re a college student. Working on campus means you don’t have to pay for that trip to work and can therefore save you some money.

Explore all available options. Research will lead you to good prospectives about funding your college education. Just make sure that you are well aware of your responsibilities and the demands of having to juggle work and studies.

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