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College Applications Continue to Increase

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These days, it seems that colleges and universities are boasting large application pools and small percentages of applicants that were actually accepted. More and more colleges are experiencing a boom in college applications, although selectivity is still an important part of the admissions process. However, these boom in college application may pose certain problems.

Why too much college applicants is alarming

For some students and experts, certain schools are veering towards the marketing side in order to aggressively increase their application pool. Some students have actually felt the negative effects of such aggressive marketing tactics — one student said that he felt that these schools want to have more applicants so that they can reject such students. After all, no matter how many students apply to a certain school, the selective standards of certain institutions will never be adjusted. The number of applications a school receives each year may have an impact on its rankings, but it is only a small percentage. Plus, there are other factors considered when ranking a school.

Effects of school rejection

As the number of college applicants increase, the number of rejected applications also increase. However, getting a rejection letter from a school can have psychological effects on the applicants and his or her parents.

This trend in college admissions both have advantages and drawbacks. College applicants should definitely take this into consideration when sending their applications to various colleges and universities.

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sources: NY Times

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