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tips for students

How Does Going to School Prepare a Child for Adulthood

The school plays a very important role in the social, mental, emotional, and even the moral development of a child. It is a place where a child is not only taught the basic skills such as reading, spelling, arithmetic, listening, and comprehension, but where he also gets to interact with other students, take responsibility through [...]

Filed under tips for students, July 9th, 2010

Breaking away from Parents Expectations when Choosing a College Course

Some parents may think that they know the best for you but haven’t got a slightest idea about your interest and what you want to be after you graduate. The course or major you choose in college will gravely affect your future and your chances of being successful. Though your parents may have the best [...]

Filed under tips for students, July 3rd, 2010

Habits of Highly Effective Students

The difference between an A-student and an average student lies on the student’s level of commitment. There are a lot sacrifices to make if you want to improve your GPA or even graduate with honors. You need to put in a lot of hardwork so you can reap the rewards of a better career later [...]

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