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Start with a Sample When Writing Your Personal Statement

Personal statements require a lot of time, effort, reflection, and hard work. But it is all worth it because these admission essays can make or break your chances of acceptance. Here’s what Suite 101 has to say: Since most universities do not interview undergraduate applicants in person, the one way for a student to stand [...]

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Using a Sample Statement to Help on Your Admission Essay

One of the most significant requirements for college application is the admission essay, but it is also the most difficult to accomplish. Especially for applicants who are hanging on a thread, the admission essay can give their application a boost and convince the admissions office that they make a perfect fit for the program and [...]

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How to Write about Your Immigrant Status in an Admission Essay

Your immigrant status can be an interesting point of discussion for your admission essay. This is because the fact that you came from a different culture means you have a different perspective on things. But how do you actually write about your immigrant status in an admission essay? Read on for some tips. Things to [...]

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The Kind of Stories to Tell when Writing College Application Essays

Do you know the standard contents of a good admission essay? You cannot just wing it the way lazy applicants do, for mediocre essays will always be dumped into the wastebasket by the readers, while the good ones will be assured that they remain in the for consideration pile.

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Guide to Answering Social Issues in Your Application Essay

A lot of times, social issues are polarizing, that is why you’ll read on so many tip-giving sites that it is better to veer away from them. However, applicants could not escape them all the time, and how so?

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Talking about an Interesting Character in Your Essay College Admission

Actually, it is not impossible that outside your parents, you really don’t have an interesting character that you could consider as a role model. What if the essay prompt requires that you write about a character (fiction or otherwise)? Here are some points you would do well to consider.

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Discussing Personal Growth in College Application Essays

Arguably, this is the most prevalent theme in essays required in the application process, and no wonder, for it goes into the very soul of what the document is all about. That is- aiding the Admissions Committee learn more about your character and personality.

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How to Deal with Open ended Questions in Your Application Essay

To many, the open-ended question is the hardest to meet in the application essays. An example is Give us something you consider as extremely crucial in your life, which at first impressions could be considered as simple enough, until you sit down and realize that it is not so.

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Essay Writing Tips for Ivy League Applicants

If you are applying to an Ivy League school, you may get rather stressed on how to go about writing your application essay. Just knowing that you will be competing with thousands of other applicants for a slot in your school of choice is enough to overwhelm you and make you feel inadequate.

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Essay Admission Tips: Dangers of Relying Too Much on Spell Checkers

While spell checker functions are useful and (at times) effective, you cannot rely solely on a spell checker for catching errors on your admission essay. The truth is, the human eye is still the best tool for proofreading your admission essay.

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Common Mistakes in Online School Application Essay

Online college application processes are becoming more and more popular these days. In fact, nearly all major colleges and universities now offer some form of electronic application.

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