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Law School Personal Statement Writing Guide

The process of law school application is one of the toughest things to go through. This is because of the tight competition in law school. Online Law Schools Information has several tips on how to ace law school application through your personal statement. Here are some ideas: What is a personal statement Typically, it is [...]

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Exceeding the Minimum Qualifications for College Application

Success in college application does not come so easily. Competition is tight. In order for you to get better chances, you have to exceed the standards set by the school where you want to apply. Eye Make-up Techniques has some tips that could help you ace college application. Read this article for some of these [...]

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Basic College Application Essay Writing Tips

Are you planning to apply for college? The secret is to read a lot of information about college applications. By doing this, you will learn about how to meet certain requirements such as the college application essay. You can visit College Essay Solutions for more tips. This article contains basic tips on how to prepare [...]

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Decisions to Make Before College Applications

Applying to college is a life-changing move. But before you make this move, there are some decisions you have to make. Vici Blog has some information about the factors that you need to take into account before applying to college. Below is an additional information about the decisions you have to make before you start [...]

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Acing the College Application to an Ivy League School

You can ensure a better career in the future by making your way to an Ivy League school. But this is not easy. The competition in the application process is so tight that you have to exceed the minimum qualifications in order to get better chances for admissions. Double Journey shares some ideas on how [...]

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Creative Questions and Prompts for Admissions Essay

Some schools give applicants the freedom to choose their own topics. There are also a lot of schools that give their own sets of questions and prompts. As an applicant, you have to respond to the given questions and prompts if you really want to please the admissions panel. You don’t have to worry because [...]

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How to Sell Yourself Through Your Application Essay

Your application essay to college is a marketing tool that could help you sell yourself to the school of your dreams. Because of the tight competition for the school application, you have to make sure that your marketing material is attention-grabbing. Joshua Combs shares some tips on how to sell yourself through your essay. Read [...]

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Your X Factors that Should Appear on Your Admissions Essay

The process involved in college admissions can be downright challenging. There are many people like you who are also vying for a spot in a certain school. This is why you have to distinguish yourself from all the other applicants. How will you do this? You can show your x-factors through your admissions essay and [...]

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Things You Ought to Know about College Admissions

Are you going to college or know someone who is applying to one? Hamster Fart has some information that you need to know about college admissions. Here are some of them: Admissions essay The college essay is a way to make you pop off the page. Now, instead of being a series of numbers and [...]

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How to Prepare Your Letters of Recommendation

When you are going to apply for a college scholarship, you have to make the preparations as early as possible. This is because there are many requirements to prepare. Among these requirements are your letters of recommendation. Hispanic Scholarships has some great insights for students on how to prepare. Start as early as possible It [...]

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Drafting and Editing the Application Essay

The two most tedious stages in writing an application essay are the drafting and the editing stages. However, these two stages are unavoidable if you really want to make it to your dream school.

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Admissions Essay Writing Tips

With thousands of essays read by the admissions panel, your essay’s chances of being noticed is probably slim. But of course, there are different ways to grab the attention of the admissions committee.

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