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How to Write an Essay about Overcoming Adversity

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Admission essays that focus on overcoming adversity should emphasize your tenacity, diligence, and patience in making peace or dealing with negative and life-changing events or individuals. If you wish to write an admission essay that focuses on life-transforming obstacles you have encountered, never make excuses or blame others for your difficulties. Your goal when writing this kind of essay is to show your ability to thrive and develop amidst challenges. The following are some more tips in getting your message across through an adversity-centered admission essay:

Be proactive throughout the essay.

Having a positive attitude is very important when writing your college admission essay. To reflect this kind of attitude on your work, make sure to use positive sentences and be careful on your word choices.

When discussing details in your essay, make sure that you describe them. Don’t just state specific facts. Instead of just saying that you are a creative person, describe instances that made you use your creative skills. Describe situations and your reactions to such situations to further help readers come up with a clearer picture of your proactive skills amidst difficulties you have encountered.

Another way to be proactive when writing your essay is to also discuss your goals and both short-term and long-term plans. Make sure to relate your goals and plans to the programs or curriculum you wish to join at your dream school.

Steer away from self-pity.

Engaging in self-pity is definitely a no-no when writing an essay about overcoming adversity. If you dwell on how you were a victim of certain circumstances, the readers may think that you are whiny and are not diligent, patient, and tenacious at all. When writing an essay, you also shouldn’t describe yourself as the poor victim and put the blame on somebody else. You will come off as angry or bitter, or that you haven’t really moved on.

Focus on how obstacles have shaped you.

Obstacles in life contribute to your overall personal growth. To make the readers see that you’ve grown and learned from obstacles and mistakes, explain in your essay how difficulties have made you a better person. Focus on positive changes in attitudes or views in life and support. Doing so shows that you are hopeful and are looking forward to your future despite the obstacles or difficulties that have made your life more challenging.

Keep in mind that when writing an essay about how you overcame difficulties in life, the focus should be your positive reaction to different circumstances. Whether you want to write about academic or personal difficulties, it’s important that you explain clearly and describe the situations in a lively way to catch and keep the readers’ attention. Use your creativity to maintain a positive attitude throughout the essay; use analogies and metaphors wisely to get your message across. When writing the conclusion, don’t end on a sad or depressing note; readers always love an uplifting and happy ending. By keeping these tips in mind, writing an essay about difficulties you’ve faced becomes easier and more manageable.

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